our brands at a glance

Technical brands

The brand for the tools needed for all the jobs around the house

enabling me to do them in maximum comfort, ease and safety.

Repairable and evolutive products

Hand tools:
Tool boxes – Screwdrivers – Hammers – Wrenches and Sockets – Hand saws – Pliers – Spirit levels – Measuring tapes…
Consumables and accessories:
Drill bits – Chisels – Saw blades and discs…
Painter’s tools:
Brushes – Rollers – Paint trays – Masking tapes…
Specialized tools:
Tools for the Mason – Plumber – Plasterer – Tiler – Electrician
Personal Protective Equipment:
Glasses- Masks- Helmets- Shoes- Clothing
Power tools:
Cordless or battery-powered

The trustful brand of the heating and air conditioning equipment- air & water treatment

that enables me to have a comfortable, healthy & safe home at every moment, and save energy.

Energy saving and reliable products

Fans – Dehumidifiers – Humidifiers – Air purifiers – Mobile air conditioners – Fixed or mobile heaters – Towel dryers – Thermometers – Thermostats – Water heaters – VMC – Air extractors – WC mechanisms – Siphons – Drains – Flexibles – Water treatments – Foamers

The brand for electric equipment- supply and control

that enables me to enjoy a safe, reliable and effective system throughout the house.

Reliable and made to last products

TV supports – Extension cords – Power strips – Batteries – Electrical plugs – Adapters – Bulbs – Wireless doorbell – Intercoms – Videophones – Multimeters – Torches – Headlamps – Construction lamps…

The brand for hardware

that provides me with practical and smart solutions I can use all over the house.

Reliable products with light packaging

Screws – Bolts – Nails – Hooks – Dowels – Hand trucks – Trolleys – Rolling trays – Ropes – Straps – Chains – Cables – Safes – Coin boxes – Padlocks – Lock cylinders – Wheels – Castors – Glides – End caps

The brand for essential construction and renovation products

which enable me to carry out my DIY works such as isolating, water-proofing, fixing, gluing, grouting, treating, protecting and cleaning.

Products that do not affect the health of users and the planet

Plasters – Fillers and sealants – Strippers – Wood treatments – Glues – Adhesives and grouts – Swimming pool treatments – Cement powders – Water-proofing – Insulation and caulk products – Fibre glass – Primers – Cleaning products

The brand of reliable- ergonomic power tools

that enables me to maintain my garden simply and effectively.

Made to last and less contaminating products

Mowers – Pruners – Hedge trimmers – Chainsaws – Brush cutters – Vacuum blower shredders – Drain pumps – Watering pumps – Borehole pumps – Supply pumps – High pressure cleaners

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