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Outdoor brands

The outdoor Architect brand

At Naterial, we think that the garden, the terrace and the balcony are natural extensions of the house. They are even an integral part of the house offering spaces to be arranged, volumes to decorate, spaces to live.

Products made with sustainable materials and made to last

Sunbeds – Pergolas – Carpets – Coffee sets – Hammocks – Floorings – Awnings – Arbours – Planchas – Garden furnitures – Barbecues – Braziers – Umbrellas – Occultation solutions – Tables – Dessert trolleys – Gates – Shelters – Storage

The brand of reliable- ergonomic power tools

that enables me to maintain my garden simply and effectively.

Made to last and less contaminating products

Mowers – Pruners – Hedge trimmers – Chainsaws – Brush cutters – Vacuum blower shredders – Drain pumps – Watering pumps – Borehole pumps – Supply pumps – High pressure cleaners

The brand of gardening and gardener equipment

that enables me to maintain, to take care of the plants and grow my garden easily, simply, season after season, safely and whilst protecting nature.

Soil, plants and gardeners-friendly

Gardening tools – Irrigation hoses

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