Our brands at a glance

A complete brand portfolio

All our brands integrate a sustainable approach

Our product offer takes into account the CSR regulations and the best adaptability to the uses of consumers.

Raw materials

Optimizing the weight of the raw materials, selecting low carbon raw materials with end-of-life solutions, using traced or certified raw materials.

Production conditions

Auditing all factories: social, quality, environmental.

Product packing and eco labels

Reducing the impact of the packaging: we aim at 100% packaging without PVC, EPS or bioplastics (not recyclable) in 2025.


Using safe components tracing the components, eliminating dangerous substances.

Energy consumption

Saving energy, saving water, insulating.

Product duration and reparability

Prolonging the lifecycle of our products: 100% of our brands with a 5 years guarantee, availability of spare parts and reparability rate.

Which we measure with our Home Index

The indicator that helps you to make more responsible sustainable choices for your house

It evaluates the environmental and social impact of a product, througout its life cycle, with a grade from A to E (A is the best rated and E is what we need to improve).

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