our brands at a glance

Decoration brands


The decor brand that inspires me to personalise and harmonise my whole house

Aesthetic products that make my home beautiful. Current and trendy products. Always affordable.

Sustainable decoration: made to last products produced with sustainable materials

Curtains – Cushions – Roller blinds – Mirrors – Frames – Pendant lights – Wall lights – Table lamps – Desk lamps – Floor lamps – Recess spotlghts – Outdoor lights – Solar lights

The outdoor Architect brand

At Naterial, we think that the garden, the terrace and the balcony are natural extensions of the house. They are even an integral part of the house offering spaces to be arranged, volumes to decorate, spaces to live.

Products made with sustainable materials and made to last

Sunbeds – Pergolas – Carpets – Coffee sets – Hammocks – Floorings – Awnings – Arbours – Planchas – Garden furnitures – Barbecues – Braziers – Umbrellas – Occultation solutions – Tables – Dessert trolleys – Gates – Shelters – Storage

The brand of painting, decorating, staining and varnishing products, inside and outside

Make all surfaces of the houses beautiful. Timeless and trendy colours. Qualitatives finishes. Easy to mix and match.

Safer and healthy eco-friendly products

Paints – Undercoats – Wood varnishes – Indoors and outdoors

The brand who created decors for walls & floor

To create and deliver wooden floors, tiles and coverings that enhance floors and walls by guaranteeing a decorative effect and sustainability.

Made to last products and eco-friendly

Tiling – Mosaics – Wall Paneling – Laminate Flooring – PVC Flooring – Doors – Mosquito nets

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